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Thursday, 27th of June

Becca Schofield All World Super Play Park!

June 26th, 2019 - An incredible amount of money was raised in the community and an even more incredible amount of human effort to put it all together. And yesterday, it was open for business. We had a chance to speak with Rebecca's parents, Anne and Darren, as to what it means.

Monday`s COW

Riding To Help Fight Cancer

Permanent Flag for Mi`kmaq

A Tricycle Built For Two

Moncton City Council Wrap In 6.5Mins

Glen Munro Covers Seven Movies

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A Tricycle Built For Two

June 20th, 2019 - The city of Dieppe has a great way to let those who are a little less mobile feel the breeze in their face again by offering free bike rides. But not just any bike. A tricycle built for two side-by-side. And for free. All you have to do is call.

  • Sharon and Bram!

    May 1st, 2019 - After forty years Sharon and Bram and bringing their farewell tour to the Riverview Arts Centre this coming weekend. We had the pleasure to speak with Sharon from the Regina airport to hear about their beginnings and their

  • Thank You For Being A Friend!

    Mar.6th, 2019 - The hit sitcom Golden Girls is bring brought to the stage at the Riverview Arts Centre this Saturday night. Anyone who was/is even remotely interested in the TV show will be excited to see this version.

  • Have Your Say

    Feb.22nd, 2019 - The provincial government is inviting New Brunswickers to tune in to a Facebook live event this coming Monday, February 25th with Finance Minister Ernie Steeves. Minister Steeves wants to hear from you as to where you think the priorities should be for the upcoming 2019-2020 budget.

  • Summer Reporter Wanted!

    Feb.17th, 2019 - Buzzlocal is looking for a summer student to help us cover all of the happenings this summer in the Greater Moncton area. We are looking for a student attending a post -secondary educational institution. Journalism students preferred but not necessary.

  • Opening Night for BMG!

    Feb.8th, 2019 - It's great that a Vegas show will come to town and last night's performance from the Blue Man Group was a fun night of sensory over-load. Granted there was one part in the middle with some audience participation that was a bit slow but it did give you some time to catch your breath before they cranked it back up into high gear. Here's just a sneak peak.

  • Nuts!

    Jan.16th, 2019 - And now a word from one of our sponsors! :)

  • Act Two!

    June 12th - In the Fall there was Act One. Now there is Act Two - a fantastic one day event to inspire and encourage the next generation to step up - with everything!

  • Mosaiq! - This Week's Artist Feature - Frander!

    June 1st - In our weekly series of introducing you to the bands that will be playing this July during the Mosaiq festival, we are very pleased to present the Swedish band - Frander!

  • Lt. Governor's Dialogue Awards with Dialogue NB

    June 1st - Dialogue NB has moved it's offie to Moncton. And is embarking on an expanded direction.

  • The Wingate by Wyndham in Dieppe

    May11th - SPONSORED: You got a chance to see all of their amazing facilities in previous videos, now have a look at their beautifully appointed rooms.

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